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We aren't all lucky enough to have naturally soft and smooth feet. Some of us are cursed with dry, cracked heels and calluses that just won't go away. While some people can get away with just keeping their feet moisturized (or don't even notice), others need more help. If you're wondering what to do about dry feet and how to combat them once and for all, this blog post is for you!

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Moisturizing is a daily activity—whether you’re in the shower or out of the shower. It isn’t just for your feet, it’s for your whole body. Your face, hands, hair... all of it. You should be moisturizing at least once a day (and often more). As someone with dry skin, I know how difficult it can be to keep up with this task every day if you don't have a good moisturizer on hand that works well with your skin type and climate. That said...

use a foot cream that hydrates

In order to combat dry feet, you need to use a foot cream that hydrates.

There are many types of foot creams that contain urea, lactic acid or alpha hydroxy acid. These ingredients help keep your skin moisturized by breaking down dead skin cells while also preventing water loss from the body.

Don't forget the rest of the body

If you're reading this, chances are that you've got a problem with dry feet. But don't worry! While it may seem like your feet are the only thing that's experiencing this trouble, they most likely aren't. Dry skin is a common problem all over the body—and it can be caused by a number of factors.

One reason for dryness on the rest of your body is environmental: if you live in an area with severe winters or summers, it's possible that this will exacerbate any existing dryness problems. Similarly, if there aren't many trees around where you live (or no trees at all), then there probably won't be much humidity in your environment either—this lack of moisture can also lead to dryness on other parts of your body besides just your feet! Finally, some people simply have diets which do not include enough water-rich foods; if this sounds like something that might apply to you (for example: maybe instead of drinking lots of water every day) then try adding some more vegetables and fruits into what you eat each day so that they provide more hydration throughout their bodies as well as their mouths!

Take care of feet daily

  • Take care of your feet daily.
  • Apply a foot cream or balm like Nordic Care Foot Care Cream before bed to soften the skin and give it time to absorb the nutrients.
  • Use an enzymatic exfoliant at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells, which can make your feet look rough and dry.
  • Use a pumice stone on callused areas like heels or under big toes to remove excess skin.

Don't forget to hydrate your feet.

Don’t forget to hydrate your feet.

Do this for yourself, too! In addition to taking care of your feet daily, don't forget about the rest of the body—message those calves, slather on some lotion and get ready for a happy ending (of sorts).


Your feet are an important part of your body. They carry you, they support you and they make all of your movement possible. Take care of them with moisturizing foot creams and other hydrating treatments so they can stay healthy and beautiful!

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