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Best looking Skin For All

Macadamia Oil & Urea for 24 hour softness

Intensive Repair for cracked heels

Lactic Acid & Glycerin and 10% Urea

For Soft &
balanced skin

Marine Collagen & Elderberry extract

Our Mission

Your daily moisturizing products should deliver what they promise, to nourish, treat and protect your skin. Nordic Care’s professional formulas originated in Sweden over a decade ago and are now manufactured and sold in the USA. Available for everyone, young or old, fair or dark, male or female, Nordic Care truly cares about your skin.

Solution for your dry feet
Foot Care Cream/ Intensive Repair
Softens calluses and repairs dry skin and cracked heels while soothing the uncomfortable itch associated with dry skin.
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Healthy Skin

Solution for your dry skin

Nordic Care Skin Conditioner

Nordic Care Skin conditioner is a full body moisturizer that nourishes and hydrates dry skin

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Nordic Care is proud to be a family owned business
Let us help you to your softest skin ever.
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My nail tech is amazed!I have been plagued with dry cracked feet for years. Nothing seemed to work. I’ve only been using Nordic Care for a few weeks but my feet have done a 180! Thank you!

Susan B

Love this product! I have been using this for years I use it everyday keeps my feet soft and I have no more cracked heals. This is my go to foot product. Something I can’t be without.

Verified Buyer

Best Foot Cream In The World! This is the best foot cream with use of it your feet become so soft and all cracks go way.

Donna C.

Foot Softening Lotion! The lotion was recommended to me and does very well to keep my feet from getting dry and flaky.

Anne D.

New Feet! New user of this foot cream! Amazing product! Believe I may be able to wear sandals again this summer! Foot Care Cream


Treat your skin right

Nordic Care

Our customers are the most important part of our organization. Let us help you to your best looking and feeling skin.

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