Who We Are...

Nordic Care is proud to be a family owned business. Established in 2000 by Swedish born Carina Hellgren. Growing up in Sweden experiencing the long and cold winters, she learned early the importance of caring for your skin and protecting it from the environmental elements. Using Swedish products for her skin every day, she has grown to love and respect the importance of good body care products. She decided to develop her own products with the same respect and effectiveness. The Nordic Care products were developed based on this knowledge using powerful Swedish formulas and proven ingredients that matter.Nordic Care products were made with “care” and with “you” in mind.

The company was founded on two simple principles: Quality and Service. Nordic Care believes that a product should not only feel great, but deliver the results that it promises.

Nordic Care is always open to hear from our customers regarding our products. Please share with us your thoughts about packaging, fragrances and ingredients. Our customers are the most important part of our organization.

Let us help you “Love Your Skin” and “Let’s Spread the Healing”

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