Healthy Skin

“Your skin is the largest organ in the human system that is responsible for protecting your entire body.

When you think of hydration you most likely think of water. When it comes to skin hydration, it means increasing the amount of water in your skin cells. Proper skin hydration will give you a more plump, smooth and soft complexion. To maintain healthy looking skin, you must start from the inside. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help replenish your skin cells and keep them hydrated. While drinking water may keep your skin healthy, you need to make sure that the hydration does not evaporate away from the skin. Nordic Care Skin Conditioner nourishes and hydrates dry skin. Macadamia Oil with its benefits of Oleic Acid and palmotoleic Acid, help cell-regeneration and assist with itchiness and redness. Healing properties of Urea and Glycerin help retain moisture to repair damaged skin. Shea Butter protects, balances and restores skin to a healthy condition.