What is Needed for Healthy Skin....

 “Your skin is the largest organ in the human system that is responsible for protecting your entire body. When you think of hydration you most likely think of water. When it comes to skin hydration, it means increasing the amount of water in your skin cells. Proper skin hydration will give you a more plump, smooth and soft complexion. To maintain healthy looking skin, you must start from the inside. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help replenish your skin cells and keep them hydrated. While drinking water may keep your skin healthy, you need to make sure that the hydration does not evaporate away from the skin.

Your skin naturally has an oil barrier that controls the amount of water being lost. It is vital to properly moisturize your skin; non-moisturized and dehydrated skin means dry and flaky skin. When your skin is hydrated on the inside and moisturized on the outside it can perform correctly and leaving your skin beautiful and healthy looking.

Moisturizers include oil-based ingredients like natural oils and emollients like waxes and Esters that act as a shield on the surface of the skin to prevent water from escaping. Hydrating ingredients are called humectants. For example: Glycerin, Lactic Acid and Urea absorb water from the atmosphere and holds it in place on and within your skin. Even oily skin can suffer from dehydration. Therefore, you should always use a moisturizer that offers a blend of both natural oils and hydrating ingredients to give the skin as much help as possible.”


What is Needed for Healthy Skin....

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