Macadamia Oil: The Wonder Ingredient in Skin Care

April 21, 2021

Nordic Care Body Lotion Macadamia Oil

Organic, cold pressed macadamia oil is the latest secret on skin care with myriad benefits for any skin type. The most outstanding benefits are in prevention of dryness and rejuvenating aging skin.

If you’re after healthy skin, it’s time to discover the exceptional benefits of macadamia oil. But first,

What is Macadamia Oil?

Macadamia oil is a non-volatile oil extracted from macadamia nuts of the macadamia tree. This tree is native to Australia. Macadamia nuts are renowned for health benefits ranging from improving heart health, boosting energy to improving digestion and more. However, it’s in skin care that nut oil is creating waves.

Macadamia oil is a super food for your skin because of the rich blend of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. The kernel from which the oil is extracted contains Vitamin A1, B1, B2, niacin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

The oil extract contains oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, linoleic acid, and α-linolenic acid, and all these have amazing benefits for your skin. Palmitoleic and Oleic Acid boost production of keratin protein in the outermost layer of our skin, which protects your skin from pathogens and potentially harmful environmental factors. Keratin is essential for healthy skin. 

Macadamia natural oil is just what the doctor ordered for your skin and it’s no wonder you’ll find it in the most effective skin conditioners, and body lotions.

Another of the wonder benefits of macadamia oil is Squalene. This is a lipid produced naturally by the skin cells and which maintains the fluidity of cell membranes. It’s essential for a healthy outer layer of the skin. With age however, squalene production slows, and this leads to rough skin.

The Incredible Benefits of Macadamia Oil for Your Skin

What does macadamia oil do for the skin? Take a look:

  • Repair scars and stretch marks: The high content of high oleic, linoleic and palmitoleic acid, are beneficial for managing stretch marks, preventing chapping and reducing scars
  • Natural moisturizer: Many people struggle with dry skin throughout their loves. Dry skin is sensitive and prone to damage and this is where macadamia oil helps as a natural oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Reducing inflammation: Phytosterolsin macadamia oil makes it effective at reducing inflammation. These are the building blocks of our cellular membrane and structure. This makes macadamia oil perfect for people with sensitive skin and can also help to prevent rashes, reduce itchiness, ease eczema and psoriasis
  • Reducing skin damage/promoting healing: Macadamia oil is a rich antioxidant which is possible through Palmitoleic acid and squalene. This quality helps prevent skin damage, and protects the skin against damage by environmental factors
  • Prevent premature aging: Macadamia oil is rich in essential fatty acids, including palmitoleic acid, which prevent premature aging. This oil also preventsformation of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Easy application: Macadamia oil spreads easily and the skin absorbs it fast for quick results
  • Healing and regenerative properties: Macadamia oil treats wounds, burns, cuts and scratches
  • Youthful skins: If you want soft, smooth and supple skin, look for skin care products with macadamia oil

Skin Care Products Using Macadamia Oil

You’ll find macadamia oil in effective quantities in these premium skin care products:

  • Nordic Care Skin Conditioner: This moisturizing skin conditioner is smooth and silky and helps soothe, repair, and prevent dry and damaged skin. Enjoy the multiple benefits of macadamia oil to alleviate itchiness and redness, moisturize, rejuvenate the skin and leave it feeling fresh
  • Nordic Care Body Lotion: This full body moisturizer nourishes and aids in treating dry skin and leverages the benefits of macadamia oil which penetrates the outer layer of your skin to leave it feeling smooth and supple

Why continue grappling with dry skin when you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of macadamia oil to rejuvenate it?

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