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Swedish Skin Care Products

The Nordic Care Products were developed to hydrate, treat
and prevent dry skin. The Swedish formula blends
together exclusive Scandinavian extracts, moisturizing
vitamins and marine based botanicals. All products are
free of Parabens.
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Introducing Harmony by Nordic Care

We are proud to introduce our new Nordic Care Harmony line of
Body Butters,Massage Lotions, Sugar Scrubs, and Bath Crystals in
new exciting colors and fragrances like Asian Pear, Citrus Mimosa,
and Mint Green Tea. Created from nature, our exclusive blend of
sea salt, moisturizing vitamins, marine-based botanicals and
curative Scandinavian extracts hydrate, revitalize and
condition rough, dry skin.Discover more »
Foot Care

Foot Care

Our feet are the hardest working part of our body- everyday
they support our body weight through a variety of activities.
Proper foot care will prevent problems such as corns,
callouses and cracks. Our effective Foot Care Cream treats
cracked heels and protects against future damage.
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Hand Care

Hand Care

Our hands are exposed to the elements, sun, wind and water
more then any other part of our body. The skin on our hands is
also fragile and has few oil glands, making the hands especially
vulnerable to the signs of aging. Nordic Care Hand Cream
ontains a marine complex to stimulate production of collagen
to increase skin firmness. Discover more »
Skin Care

Face & Body Care

The condition of our skin is determined by our genetics, overall state of health, nutrition and exposure to the environment. What we do to protect and nourish our skin will control how our skin ages. As the largest organ of our body, healthy skin protects us from infection, bacteria and toxins. Healthy skin also “breathes” allowing our pores to release toxins from within our body. We should hydrate by drinking lots of water and using a nourishing moisturizer such as our Nordic Care Skin Conditioner every day. Discover more »
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